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Regional Specialty Shows for Open and Youth were held at the 2016 Lilac's Nationals held on April 30 in Columbus, Ohio and judged by Joel Marshall, Illinois.  

Celebrating the Winners:

Open:   BOB - Jessica Knight & BOS - Rhonda Flanigan

 Youth:  BOB - Alexis Grecoe/Adam Schuller & BOS - Abigail Polasik




Lilacs had a GREAT showing at the 2016 West Coast Classic in Reno, Nevada April 8, 9 & 10!  The weekends shows had over 14,000 entries. Lilacs were shown in three open and three youth all breeds shows over the weekend as well as in an open and a youth specialty show sponsored by the Western States Lilac Guild and judged by Don Sheets.

Celebrating the winners:

Open - Lilac Specialty BOB - Cassidy Youngreen & BOS - Kelly Hinde

Youth - Lilac Specialty BOB & BOS - Abigail Polasik

Open - Shows A, B & C  BOB - Cassidy Youngreen & BOS - Kelly Hinde

Youth - Shows A, B & C BOB & BOS - Abigail Polasik

Abigail had an amazing weekend as her BOB Lilac went on to win Reserve in Show under judges Josh Humphries and Ruth Ann Bell.  It was awesome to have ARBA King, Adam Schuller, on hand over the weekend to present on youth education and talk Lilacs! 


BIS Mannah Mace, Best Four Class, Clay County Fair, Indiana.


Best in Show Noelle Carlson! Illinois County Fair- first time in 25 years a Lilac has won BIS! :)


2015 Best in Show Luke Vickrey!



2014 Specialty Show- BOB and BOS- Joe Borawski!



2014 National-  Open BOB Bob & Donna Koch

Open BOSB McBee / Goldman. Youth BOB & BOSB Holly Minnick!


2013 ARBA National Convention-Open: BOB Bob & Donna Koch - Senior Doe!

2013 ARBA National Convention-Open: BOSB Bob & Donna Koch - Junior Buck!

2013 ARBA National Convention-Youth: BOB Holly Minnick - Senior Doe!

2013 ARBA National Convention-Youth: BOSB Ryan Giminiani - Junior Buck! 


 2013 National Lilac Show- BOB & BIS Bob Koch - Senior Buck!


Thank you Bob Koch for 45 years of dedication to the NLRCA!!!

 Presented at the 2013 Lilac Show!

2013 Lilac National Kentucky-Open Class Winners (68 Entries, 11 Exhibitors)

 Senior Buck: Bob & Donna Koch, RK23B

 Junior Buck: Bob & Donna Koch, RK221

 Senior Doe: Bob & Mallary McBee/Goldman, LCL2

 Junior Doe: Bob & Donna Koch, RKA20

                OPEN Best of Breed Lilac National: Bob & Donna Koch with RK23B!

Youth Class Winners (33 Entries, 9 Exhibitors):

 Senior Buck: Rebecca & Nicholas Lilly, BOB

 Junior Buck: Elizabeth Gray, B248

 Senior Doe: Holly Minnick, OI

 Junior Doe: Adam Schuller, LL1

                  YOUTH Best of Breed Lilac National: Adam Schuller & Jr. Doe LL1

2013 Lilac Specialty Kentucky - Open Class Winners (72 Entries, 14 Exhibitors)

 Senior Buck: Joseph Borawski Jr., C512

 Junior Buck: Bob & Donna Koch, RK221

 Senior Doe: Bob & Donna Koch, RKS20

 Junior Doe: Joseph Borawski Jr., A1012

              OPEN Best of Breed Lilac Specialty: Bob & Donna Koch & Sr. Doe RKS20

Youth Class Winners (25 Entries, 6 Exhibitors):

 Senior Buck: Noelle Carlson, RKS25

 Junior Buck: Rebecca & Nicholas Lilly, RAMBO

 Senior Doe: Noelle Carlson, RKB28

 Junior Doe: Holly Minnick, OW2

                   YOUTH Best of Breed Lilac Specialty: Holly Minnick, & Jr. Doe OW2


2013 Youth BIS Lilac National Show - BOB Adam Schuller - Junior Doe!

Congratulations Adam Schuller with RIS & BOB wins on his Doe from Bob Koch! His doe has received a RIS from Portage County, Ohio show and two RIS wins from Wellington, Ohio show A and show B.


Bob Koch's 2012 ARBA Conv. Best of Breed!!


October 20, 2012 RESERVE IN SHOW, Grand National Rabbit Show, Cow Palace, Daly City, CA - Julie Bisch Pollock - Junior Buck




March 11, 2012 BEST IN SHOW, Badger RBA WI - Bob & Donna Koch - Senior Buck

March 11, 2012 RESERVE IN SHOW, North Carolina RBA Convention - Donald & Caribbea Sheets - Senior Buck 


February 12, 2012 BEST 4 CLASS, Lakeland RBA (WI) Bob & Donna Koch - Senior Buck




February 5, 2012 BEST IN SHOW, PA STATE CONVENTION (PA) Donald & Caribbea Sheets - Senior Buck 

January 21, 2012 RESERVE IN SHOW, Piedmont Triad RF (NC) Donald & Caribbea Sheets - Senior Buck 


November 19, 2011 RESERVE IN SHOW/BEST 4 CLASS, Baltimore Howard RC (MD) Lauren Morrill (NJ) - Senior Doe



October 24, 2011 BEST IN SHOW, Tuscarawas RBA (OH) Shelly Thompson - Senior Buck

May 21, 2011 RESERVE IN SHOW, Southern Pride R&CC (SC) Charles Bryant - Senior Buck

November 13, 2010 BEST 4 CLASS, Shows A & B of Central WI RBA (WI) Bob & Donna Koch - Junior Doe

September 19, 2010 RESERVE IN SHOW, Washington RBA Show B (PA) Shelly Thompson - Junior Doe

April 11, 2010 RESERVE IN SHOW YOUTH, Grand National Weekend (CA) Cynthia Hinde - Senior Doe 

August 18, 2009 BEST IN SHOW, Zanesville RBA Fair (OH) Shelly Thompson - Senior Doe

March 8, 2009 BEST IN SHOW, Badger Rabbit Show (WI) Bob & Donna Koch - Senior Doe

February 8, 2009 BEST IN SHOW, Lakeland RB (WI) Bob & Donna Koch - Senior  Doe